“How to correctly bet on sports and win, where to start?”, – a lot of novice players of bookmakers turn to us with such a question. Therefore, we have prepared this guide, which will answer a number of questions for beginners and give the main directions in which you need to develop.

Review and decide on possible outcomes and types of bets

If you decide to start placing bets, the first step is to find out what kind of bets (types of bets) there are. Single (a bet on a certain outcome in a match), express (a bet on several outcomes), system (a set of express bets) – all these are the types of bets that every reputable bookmaker accepts. For more information, see types of bids.

It should also be understood that bookmakers do not stand still and are constantly developing, thereby offering their players new, interesting and even more gambling options for outcomes. So, for example, recently betting on the Asian Handicap has become particularly popular. For more information, see types of outcomes (handicap, time-match, total, etc.).

A separate place in this niche is occupied by live bets, i.e. bets on the course of a match, which have recently become even more popular. First of all, this is caused by the high value of the odds, and given that live bets are considered the most risky, the level of adrenaline among players here is simply off the scale. However, a significant number of players prefer to play their game and place bets in this particular niche.

Choose a sport and competition for your bets

It should be understood that betting on the events of a sport that you have no idea about is completely absurd. But this does not mean that you should not bet on cricket, but only bet on football, rather the opposite! The fact is that every fan and amateur today “understands” football (if it concerns significant games, leagues and championships), but bookmakers understand it really and much better. And in order to consistently make even a small profit from betting, the player must understand events at least a fraction of % better than the bookmaker. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to beat a bookmaker in the English or German championship from the start.

Less popular sports, as well as minor leagues and championships, are another matter. No one says that before you start betting on sports – from the very beginning, the player must thoroughly understand and know all the layouts in some, say, the 3rd Norwegian football division. But to do this, you have the Internet with a huge amount of news and statistical information that will allow you to eventually become a real specialist and professional in your chosen field.

Thus, sports, like betting, should be loved and given time. Therefore, your events for betting should be unpopular sports or minor leagues and championships, which, together with regular information and knowledge, will allow you to achieve stable winnings on bets.

Strategy is the most important element of betting

One of the most important attributes of a betting game is the “Game Management Strategy”or” Betting Strategies”. In any bookmaker’s office, there is such a thing as “margin”, i.e. the profit that the bookmaker initially puts in each bet. Ideally, a line with no margin would look like this: for events with equal chances of winning (heads/tails), the odds should be 2.0 and 2.0, i.e. the odds are 50/50. But in reality, the bookmaker’s office will set odds of 1.9 and 1.9 for such an event at best.This difference will be the profit of the office or simply “margin”. All bookmakers currently have margins ranging from 3% to 15%. Thus, the player must be at least 10% smarter than the bookmaker to win!

This is exactly what the strategies were developed for. There are no dozens of betting strategies themselves: Flat, Miller, Martingale, D’Alembert Danish Strategy, Oscar Grind, etc. All of them are aimed at maximizing the player’s profit, and most importantly, minimizing possible losses. For novice players, strategies are simply not a substitute tool, since any of them, with the exception of “catch-up”, will not allow you to immediately lose your pot and be left with nothing. But a game without a strategy, no matter how hard you try, will definitely lead to bankruptcy in the end!

Most strategies are based on the theory of numerical series, but there is no single best strategy. All of them are good in their own way and each corresponds and will be suitable for a specific person, with a certain psychotype, mentality, psychoanalysis, etc. Before you start betting on sports online, remember for yourself once and for all the golden truth: there is no best or win-win strategy and there will never be! The only strategy that gives stability in winnings due to the difference in odds for the same sporting event in different bookmakers is the “betting forks” strategy, but there are also some moments there.

Each individual player will have their own strategy or group of strategies. But dumb copying doesn’t necessarily work either. A strategy is a plan of action for a long period of time. Therefore, only through trial and error: by studying the theory and principles of betting, as well as constantly drawing new information and learning to understand sports, you will upgrade the strategy taken as a basis or come to your own unique model of playing, which will allow you to get the long-awaited stable profit on betting. There are good players, but you can only get into their ranks thanks to a well-chosen, self-developed or developed strategy and hard work!