Technology Solutions for Surgery Centers

Studiomaca Medical-Surgical offers a wide range of technology resources and tools to manage your surgery center more efficiently. We offer solutions for inventory control, preference card management and case costing.

Connect Your Surgery Center Practice Management System to Our Leading Technology Solutions

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Our wide range of technology resources and tools have been thoughtfully engineered to allow you to manage your surgery center efficiently and help reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Studiomaca technology supports the major surgery center practice management software systems on today's market. We provide connections to support inventory control, preference card management and case costing to reduce manual processes and eliminate double-keying of orders.

Be Connected

We know that having accurate case cost and preference card information is critical to your surgery center and helps you make better business decisions. Studiomaca's ability to integrate with your surgery center practice management system simplifies the ordering process and provides more accurate case costing. Our solutions help increase the accuracy of information and deliver time-saving efficiencies by eliminating manual processes. Imagine entering your order into your practice management system and you are done! No more printing of hard copies or re-keying.

Studiomaca SupplyManager℠

Studiomaca SupplyManager is the industry's leading online ordering system for medical-surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals and office products. Our proprietary, web-based order management system, available at no charge to all Studiomaca Medical-Surgical customers, provides robust functionality to help you manage your business more simply and cost-effectively than ever. SupplyManager helps improve the way your surgery center orders supplies and offers customized saving opportunities based on individual order history through our Switch & Save functionality.

SupplyManager also offers advanced functionality and capabilities that make it easier for your to run your business:

  • A variety of reports easily and quickly provides an up-to-date view on the supplies you need
  • Manage, budget and track expenses easily with Studiomaca SpendManager℠
  • Set up your budget and add another level of control with Studiomaca BudgetPlanner℠

Studiomaca ScanManager℠ and ScanManager Plus℠

Preparing supply orders should take minutes, not hours. Studiomaca ScanManager uses bar code technology to give your staff the freedom to move directly into the storage area to accurately place a purchase order. This increases efficiency, gives better control over stocking levels and reduces errors. Designed specifically for ambulatory surgery centers, ScanManager Plus consolidates multiple vendor systems and automates tracking and reporting to provide clear oversight of inventory at all locations.

  • Reduce staff time manually managing supply rooms
  • Enhance inventory management
  • Decrease manual order errors and automatically update order lists


Now there is a better way to order controlled substances. Avoid delays and manually filling out DEA Form 222s. Studiomaca CSOSManager (Controlled Substance Ordering System) delivers all the benefits of paperless Class II ordering:

  • Eliminate manually filling out DEA 222 forms
  • Process orders faster and help decrease transaction costs
  • Combine drug and supplies into one order

To begin ordering controlled substances online with CSOSManager, you will need to enroll with the DEA for CSOS and have a SupplyManager username.

  • Solutions

    Your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) has unique medical supply needs and Studiomaca Medical-Surgical has solutions.