RelayClearance Plus

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Accelerate Reimbursement and Optimize Revenue at Patient Access

How do you know if the insurance information you have about a patient is complete and accurate? And how can you make it as easy as possible for patients to pay for the care they’ve received? The value of RelayClearance Plus begins at registration, providing accurate data for your downstream processes. With RelayClearance Plus, you can efficiently increase registration data accuracy, complete insurance eligibility verification, estimate patients’ financial responsibility, accept point-of-service collections, validate patients’ identity, and help patients who are unable to pay look into financial assistance programs.

RelayAccount™ Solutions

Transform Patient Billing into an Operational, Financial, and Strategic Advantage

RelayAccount helps hospitals and health systems to collect patient payments at every point of service, and provides patients with easy-to-use, online access to their accounts to make payments 24/7. By offering secure online access to account information, you can help increase patient satisfaction and promote faster collections. Moving to online billing helps reduce operational and postage costs, while also supporting increased patient engagement.

Ahi Solutions

Enhance Revenue Cycle Performance Beginning at Patient Access

Your patient access and registration staff are challenged today by many factors – a changing healthcare environment, variable insurance coverage, mandates to improve customer service – while still needing to register patients quickly and accurately. RelayHealth Financial’s Ahi Solutions can help your staff identify errors in real time and manage patient flow, helping result in improved patient satisfaction.