An Intelligent Revenue Cycle Solution for the Independent Medical Practice

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is a user-friendly revenue cycle solution for independent medical practices. The online application can help you manage your patient access and billing functions in one place:

  • Create, correct, track and follow up on claims
  • Manage denials and create appeals online
  • Check eligibility
  • Create patient bill estimates
  • Compare your revenue cycle performance with your peers.

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Understand Performance At-a-Glance

The Claim Health Vitals dashboard allows you to quickly assess the progress of all claims. This view provides your team with the dollar amount and number of claims in good standing, pended, rejected or denied status.

It helps focus efforts on current claim issues and acceleration of claims processing.

Simplify Claims Management

ConnectCenter leverages the RelayHealth clearinghouse real-time claim submission and editing capabilities to quickly highlight claims issues. It provides detailed error information to expedite corrections, so the claim can be revalidated and promptly resubmitted. ConnectCenter’s claim management solution offers the support and tools needed to create, track and manage claims in an intelligent workflow.

Optimize Staff Time with Efficient Claim Follow-up

Staff can remain focused on the most productive work utilizing the intelligent workflow in ConnectCenter. Work lists help organize tasks and may eliminate the need for users to filter through claims in good standing that can pass through untouched.

Extensive search features help users find claims and remittances and specific data to quickly compile the information needed for efficient follow up.

Enable More Confident Patient Financial Conversations

ConnectCenter offers a simple way to gain confirmation of patient eligibility and benefit coverage directly from the payer in real-time. In addition to standard EDI transactions, enhanced eligibility information from payers’ web portals is also available. Adding to the insight of eligibility, Estimator Office utilizes patient coverage and payer contract information to calculate an estimate of patient financial obligation to facilitate collections earlier in the process.

Accelerate Enrollment

Enrollments Central helps eliminate redundant data entry by utilizing one data set to complete multiple payer enrollment forms. Our technology eliminates the hassle of manually completing enrollment forms for every payer. This enrollment automation helps improve productivity and speeds implementation for new providers.

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with current information on payers and other issues that may cause delays in processing. Notifications related to the payers that process your claims are pushed direct to your dashboard.

Access Help Online

ConnectCenter incorporates an online help system, targeted help videos, and downloadable documents. Help videos are formatted in short video clips targeted around specific features.

The online help system is contextual, eliminating the need to search a list of help topics. It provides help related to what the user is currently doing.

Analyze Performance

RelayAnalytics Financial Diagnostics offers an end-to-end view of claims from a rolling 13 month period and enables comparison of practices by state or by specialty. Performance indicators in the areas of claims submission, transmission, payer processing and remittances help isolate problem areas and allow quick drill down to root cause to help speed corrective action.

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