ConnectCenter is a centralized, online resource offering near real-time revenue cycle visibility to help support your clients and accelerate the flow of financial transactions between healthcare providers and payers.

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You can view all claims in progress for your customers and proactively notify them of problems and drill down to the claim level to help them troubleshoot. Working together, you can more effectively keep cash flowing and improve customer satisfaction.

The online portal offers the ability to:

  • Receive notification of important payer news and alerts
  • Expedite enrollment with multiple payers
  • Search for payers, claims, remittances and eligibility history
  • Gain support via live chat and online support
  • Analyze financial performance for strategic improvements
Payer Enrollment Options

Our patented payer enrollment solution helps reduce costs and ease the task of payer enrollments by utilizing one data set to complete multiple enrollment forms. Flexible enrollment offerings allow you to offer enhanced enrollment services to your providers or empower them with technology to handle on their own, saving everyone time and money.

Analytics Tools

RelayAnalytics™ Financial Diagnostics provides comparative analytics of the revenue cycle to enable more informed decisions for financial and operational improvements. You can compare your providers’ performance to others by state or by specialty using daily refreshed data presented in an easy-to-read format.

ConnectCenter can help you to differentiate yourself from your competition by offering greater control and insight into claims, remittances, claim status and eligibility transactions.

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