Claims management is a critical component of timely cash flow and efficient revenue cycle operations. Yet this complex process often lacks adequate visibility and can be labor intensive. These challenges can lead to payment delays, denials and rework resulting in productivity loss and revenue leakage.

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RelayHealth Financial Claims Management solutions connect providers and payers so claims are paid in full the first time, helping to accelerate cash flow.

  • RelayAssurance™ Plus helps speed reimbursement and reduce costs by applying comprehensive business rules to claims, to help increase first pass claim acceptance rates, and pairing automation and advanced workflow with meaningful reporting.
  • RelayAssurance™ Professional Services help integrate RelayAssurance Plus into daily workflow processes and assists in the automation of as many manual processes as possible to increase staff productivity and process efficiency. Leveraging a provider’s data, this service can help each organization understand how to use RelayAssurance Plus to optimize its revenue cycle experience.
  • ConnectCenter is an online, user-friendly revenue cycle solutions for independent medical practices. The application can help manage patient access and billing functions including:
    • Create, correct, track and follow up on claims
    • Manage denials and create appeals online
    • Check eligibility
    • Create patient bill estimates
    • Compare revenue cycle performances with peers