Accurate registration data results in reduced denials, fewer rejected claims and returned statements, and a reduction of other delays that impede the collections process and slow your revenue cycle. AhiQa is the best way to identify and correct these errors to provide clean and accurate data for all your downstream processes enhancing financial performance and improving your operations facility-wide.

Real-Time Quality Assurance

Real-time quality assurance allows your registrars to see errors immediately after the registration is complete so they can verify and collect more information from the patient who is still in front of them, correcting errors and eliminating the need for additional FTEs to perform registration QA/Audit processes.

For your facility’s financial management, AhiQa eliminates errors at registration and keeps your cash flow constant. As the quality and timeliness of claims to insurers improves, so does your cash inflow and average AR days. Armed with AhiQa, your employees and supervisors get the feedback they need to perform at optimum speed and efficiency. The system can also help you identify problems inherent in your existing business processes.

Customized Business Rules Engine

AhiQa provides flexibility to define error checking rules to tailor the system to meet your needs. Rules can be tied to any field from the registration record, including Insurance Plans, Patient Types, and Financial classes. The rules engine is completely customizable and adaptable with users having control to add, edit or remove rules as needed. AhiQa also integrates with the U.S. Postal Service database and is able to verify address and in many cases provide corrections and standardizations keeping your data clean.

Manage Staff Performance

AhiQa helps you and your managers monitor overall staff accuracy and improve productivity. It provides alerts on mobile devices so you have the data you want at all times. The solution creates management reports that shed light on any training that may be needed. With AhiQa, your employees and supervisors get feedback that can help them perform at optimum speed while retaining the accuracy on which you depend.