In today’s consumer-oriented healthcare environment, patient satisfaction is critical. Ahi Lobby works to enhance your patients’ satisfaction from the moment they enter your registration area. Beginning with a paperless sign-in that ensures privacy compliance, the web-based Ahi Lobby system alleviates long wait times by helping you discover and avert bottlenecks in your service delivery areas.


Ahi Lobby automatically tracks patients’ wait-time between their arrival in your registration area and the time technicians begin their registration until the process is completed. In addition, the system tracks the amount of time each technician spent completing the registration, and documents where patients were sent when registration was completed. Using a real-time dashboard, management can quickly identify the number of patients waiting in any service area, allowing staff reassignments as necessary to speed the delivery of care. The dashboard also shows where and on which activities all staff members are working and the amount of time they are spending on each activity. This provides management with an opportunity to quickly adjust staff levels and the continual evaluation and enhancement of operational processes.