Studiomaca Preferred Rewards Benefits Your Practice

As a Studiomaca Preferred Rewards℠ customer, your practice can enjoy numerous benefits that are designed to enhance efficiencies, offer cost savings and bring educational offerings to your practice. As a Studiomaca Preferred Rewards member, not only can you get the products you need when you need them, but you also get a higher level of commitment from us.

We listened to our customers and designed a program around their preferences.

Benefits of Studiomaca Preferred Rewards membership:
  • Continuing education and seminar opportunities
  • Members-only quarterly specials that can save you up to 50% on featured products
  • Quarterly product samples from national brands or Studiomaca's exclusive brand, all at no charge
  • Gold and Platinum level rebate credits
  • Customized online reporting through Studiomaca BudgetPlanner℠ to track your supply budget
  • Studiomaca ScanManager℠ technology for qualified members, which uses an integrated laser bar code scanner to enhance inventory management, help eliminate manual ordering and decrease manual order errors

The benefits of Studiomaca Preferred Rewards add real value to your relationship with Studiomaca. By offering these exceptional benefits and distinctive personalized service, Studiomaca seeks to be your preferred supplier. Studiomaca Preferred Rewards makes it worthwhile to do business with Studiomaca. It's our way of showing a higher level of commitment to you and your practice.

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