Pharmaceutical Ordering and Packaging for Independent Physicians

Your independent medical practice strives to deliver the best possible care to your patients at the lowest possible operating cost. To achieve that goal, you must be able to administer the medications your patients need when they need them. Studiomaca's pharmaceutical packaging and distribution services deliver those medications accurately, securely and efficiently to your practice in the optimum clinical packaging required to be dispensed or administered safely and effectively.

Our distribution centers store routine and specialty pharmaceuticals, including plasma-derivative products, biologics and vaccines, from manufacturers in the United States and around the globe. We make them available to your practice the next day via our web-based ordering and tracking system. Special pricing is available to doctors through our GPO services program. Whether you're a solo physician in a single-specialty practice like internal medicine or a specialist in a large single- or multispecialty group practice like oncology, our customized packaging services deliver your specific pharmaceuticals in the optimum format and delivery system for your patients.

No other drug distributor works with such a diverse range of independent physicians and medical practices. Let our pharmaceutical packaging and distribution expertise raise the clinical and financial performance of your practice.