Full service clinical trials management for your specialty practice


intraFUSION’s Research Network of expert clinical research professionals, study coordinators, highly trained RN’s and technical specialists manage clinical trial administration and operations on behalf of your practice.

Benefits to your practice:

  • Robust training and site support, providing all the resources needed to conduct successful clinical trials even if you have little to no prior research experience
  • Streamlined, well-organized clinical research, access to studies, and comprehensive results through full-service clinical trial management and coordination
  • Physician and practice staff coaching
  • Budget management and negotiations
  • Hands on project support throughout the process – from site initiation through site wind down and exit interviews
  • Opportunity to grow your specialty practice revenue and enhance your professional reputation
  • Ability to gain a competitive edge in your field of expertise

intraFUSION Clinical Trials Management improves patient care through advanced research

Our comprehensive clinical trials management expertise in rheumatology, , and can help you discover new treatments and therapies for your patients. Current clinical trials target the treatment of MS, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, and Lupus, as well as other diseases.

Focus on helping patients and advancing research and leave the administration management to us.

intraFUSION comprehensive clinical trials management lets physician-owned focus on patient care and clinical science while expert clinical trial specialists manage the operations and administration.

Enhance your practice and gain a competitive edge with intraFUSION’s comprehensive clinical trials management solution. Our offering helps you focus on improved patient care while bringing a new revenue source to your practice.

With intraFUSION, you can be confident that your patients and business are well cared for.

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