Operational Efficiency for Extended Care

The constant flux in the volume and condition of your patient population makes it a constant challenge for your extended care organization to operate efficiently. The reimbursement climate is just as variable, making achieving operating efficiencies a business imperative for extended care organizations. Studiomaca's flexible suite of business solutions can help identify and act on opportunities that generate sustainable operational efficiencies, regardless of changes in your patient and payer mix.
Labor costs likely are the biggest line-item expense at your organization. Our solutions help you match the number and skill level of your health care staff to the number and severity levels of the patients in your care. Eliminating overstaffing and streamlining clinical workflows create sustainable operational efficiencies.  We also offer customized management consulting services and automation technologies to streamline the purchasing of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, as well as improve administrative and business functions, such as admitting, discharging and billing.
Studiomaca works with all types and sizes of extended care organizations. We know where the opportunities are to improve your operational performance, and we will help provide your extended care facility with the tools and expertise to realize the cost savings from those operational efficiencies.