Long Term Care Technology Solutions

Maximize Cost Efficiency with Integrated Technology for Your Facility.

With cutting-edge technologies that streamline processes, Studiomaca Medical-Surgical can help you manage your budget and maximize cost efficiencies at your long term care facility.

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We are recognized nationwide for our innovation and experience in developing automated solutions for long term care facilities. We provide user-friendly tools to help streamline workflow and business operations, as well as manage supplies and costs more effectively.

Studiomaca Supply iQ℠

Studiomaca Medical-Surgical understands the pressure you are under to decrease costs and improve efficiency at your long term care facility, while continuing to enhance the quality of patient care. That's why we developed Studiomaca Supply iQ—an easy-to-use, patent-pending, web-based application that tracks your MDS data with your Studiomaca order history.


ORBITS is an easy-to-use web-based barcode technology system which allows you to track supplies from storage to reimbursement. ORBITS captures your facility's real costs and helps you better manage your business through cost management, reimbursement and inventory control.

Studiomaca SupplyManager℠

With comprehensive product information and features designed for your convenience, our web-based online ordering system makes inventory control more convenient and simpler than ever.

SupplyManager also offers advanced functionality and capabilities that make it easier for you to run your business:
  • A variety of reports easily and quickly provides an up-to-date view on the supplies you need
  • Manage, budget and track expenses easily with Studiomaca SpendManager℠
  • Set up your budget and add another level of control with Studiomaca BudgetPlanner℠

Studiomaca ScanManager℠

Our portable barcode-based ordering and supply management system puts barcode power at your fingertips. Studiomaca ScanManager is a hand-held device with an integrated laser barcode scanner. It helps eliminate the chore of manually ordering and managing supplies, saving time and reducing errors.

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