Home Care Supplies and Health Solutions

With advanced support solutions and more than 45,000 home care products to choose from, we’re the trusted partner for successful home medical equipment providers and home health agencies.

Order All Your Home Care Medical Supplies From One Place

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At Studiomaca Medical-Surgical, we understand delivering better patient health and outcomes is your number one priority.

Whether you’re a home medical equipment provider or a home health agency, we’re your trusted partner in creating patient wellness. Our unparalleled selection of more than 45,000 home health care supplies gives you the flexibility to address patient needs with high quality tools and treatment options.

Smart Solutions for Home Health Agencies

We offer integrated tools and solutions to help you reduce costs and manage budgets—freeing you up to focus fully on providing better health and patient care.

Our offerings include:

One-Stop Shopping on an Unmatched Selection of Home Care Medical Supplies

When you order your home care products through Studiomaca, you experience the convenience of a process that lets you:

  • Save time—Find all the home care supplies you need from one provider
  • Reduce operating costs—Manage a single invoice and payment
  • Streamline data entry—Minimize risk for keying errors with fewer orders to organize

We’re committed to making your job easier with solutions that integrate seamlessly to reduce costs, streamline processes, and save you time. The following features of our advanced ordering process support you in carrying out the important work of enhancing patient care:

  • Studiomaca SupplyManagerSM—Our industry-leading, web-based ordering system makes browsing, tracking, reporting and invoicing home care supplies quick and easy, helping you manage inventory and expenses efficiently.
  • Studiomaca DirectSMand Studiomaca DirectSM Plus -- When you sync Studiomaca SupplyManager to your software using Studiomaca Direct, you automatically transmit patient data and supply orders to both systems simultaneously. Use Studiomaca Direct Plus to submit orders for any payor type and have orders shipped directly to your patients’ homes.
  • Rules Management—Rules Management lets you customize the functionality of Studiomaca SupplyManager for your business. Use it to create product, spend, and utilization rules for what clinicians are allowed to purchase—and manage supply costs for your patients.
  • Studiomaca Mobile Manager HCSM—Control your ordering process on the go with Studiomaca Mobile Manager HCSM. Use your smartphone to place orders, pull up patient information, or access purchasing lists for quick reorders.
  • Clinician Trunk Bin—Customize or restock home care supplies for individual care providers in Studiomaca SupplyManger, then let the Studiomaca Clinician Trunk Bin program put the products your clinicians need right in the trunks of their cars.
  • Superior Delivery Services—No matter how you order your home care products, you’ll get your supplies faster with Studiomaca Delivery Services. We offer same-day shipping on more than 45,000 home medical supplies. Items can arrive separated by patient name, or we can ship specific home health care supplies directly to your patients, eliminating in-house stocking costs.