Home Care Distribution Solutions

Our nationwide distribution network provides efficiency for your business.

Our Nationwide Distribution Network Provides Efficiency for Your Business

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Easily service patients in new geographic areas by sourcing products from one of our nationwide distribution centers. Plus, take advantage of our many customized distribution solutions for your specific home care business needs.

Patient Home Delivery

Having the right supply at the right time is imperative when it comes to patient care. With Patient Home Delivery, each order can be sent directly to the patient's home or you can consolidate orders and ship to your agency or even to your clinician's home. Each order includes a customized packing slip and electronic order confirmation once the package has been delivered. Plus, trunk stock can also be ordered and tracked to your nurses' homes or your agencies.

Clinician Trunk Bin

With a supply closet right in the trunk of their cars, your clinicians are always prepared for last-minute patient needs and weekend admits. Designed with this challenge in mind, our Clinician Trunk Bin program keeps your clinicians stocked with the products they need on the go—without having to go into the office first. Customize the bins with a choice of more than 45,000 products to meet your patients' and your agency's needs. Replenish bins easily using our online ordering system.

Patient Specific Bulk

Patient Specific Bulk makes your own patient drop ship easier and more efficient with ready-to-go orders delivered to your warehouse or facility. Save time and reduce costs with complete orders that are individually packed, sorted and labeled by patient.