Choosing a home health care software vendor is merely the first step in what should be a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. You want a vendor that understands the unique needs of your homecare or hospice agency and responds quickly and effectively to answer your questions and solve your software issues.

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We have built an internationally certified and recognized support program for our Studiomaca Homecare™ and Studiomaca Hospice™ (formerly Horizon Homecare™ and Horizon Hospice™)software products. You can determine the level of self-direction, which ranges from one-on-one communication with our highly trained support staff to virtual independence using the Internet and Studiomaca Homecare InfoCenter™.

We are focused on providing the best possible customer support. To that end, our support center has achieved the Support Center Practices (SCP) Certification - a world-renowned process of "best practice" service methodology. The certification process consists of an on-site audit of more than 100 support elements that emphasize customer satisfaction. It determines the effectiveness of a company's customer support process and provides guidelines for establishing more effective support, including shorter resolutions times, greater customer control over the support process and increased customer access to system information.

Maintaining SCP certification provides our personnel with invaluable insight to help them continuously improve and refine all support procedures for our home health care software and also helps ensure positive support experiences for home care services.

Homecare and Hospice Support helps your agency:

  • Ensures new support calls are always answered immediately by a highly qualified member of our support team, not an answering service or voice mail
  • Provides the fastest possible resolution to your question, with most issues handled on the first call
  • Escalates critical issues (anything that may impact patient care delivery or cause operation deficiencies) for immediate resolution
  • 24x7 coverage for critical and high-priority cases
  • Internet access for logging cases
  • Toll-free telephone assistance

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