Studiomaca Hospice Software for Agency Management

Today's healthcare environment demands the use of hospice software to keep track of regulatory changes that affect both clinical and operational areas. Studiomaca Hospice™ is an agency management software that fully supports the clinical and management needs of your hospice agency, from certifying terminal illnesses to performing the last bereavement activity. Our system addresses updates to the Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation (CoP) and Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirements to help you assess the impact of palliative care interventions on patient quality of life. It automates Notice of Election, plan of care creation, medication tracking and bereavement tracking.

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Our comprehensive hospice software solution for agency management follows a unique concept of care in which many different disciplines, working together, support not only the patient, but also family and friends surrounding the patient. As you know, the goal of hospice is to provide palliative physical and spiritual care for the patient, and to support the emotional needs of the patient's family. This creates information technology and documentation requirements that necessitate the use of hospice software to accommodate your particular office and clinical needs while providing advanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

Studiomaca Hospice, agency management software, (formerly Horizon Hospice) enables documentation of interdisciplinary team conference discussions, discoveries and follow-up activity. It allows hospice providers to track personnel, including volunteers and per diem clinicians from associated facilities. Studiomaca Hospice generates per-diem charges based on patient events and allows hospice providers to track and report care-related costs, including those from third parties.

A home health care agency that strengthens its bond with physicians will benefit from improved patient care, timely communication with physicians and increased physician satisfaction. To achieve these goals, an agency must extend the patient's chart and home care documentation to the physician's desktop.

Studiomaca Hospice Agency Management Software can help your agency:

  • Reduce guesswork on the part of intake personnel by displaying only referrals and organizational information pertinent to the individual
  • Allow intake personnel, even those new to the hospice software system, to enter a referral after only a 15-minute demonstration
  • Help ensure care coordination via an interactive Interdisciplinary (IDT) conference report, which fully supports documentation of conference discussions, discoveries and follow-up activities
  • Manage volunteers efficiently by simplifying volunteer tracking and scheduling
  • Improve the accuracy of hospice cost accounting by providing information about the cost of products and services on an as-needed basis per patient
  • Create reports to provide detailed and summary level-statistics for all admissions, enabling more accurate tracking of census
  • Support cost analysis for Medicare hospice election and revocation dates, hospice benefit periods and level of care changes for more effective financial management
  • User-specific vantage point view of pending referrals with icons indicate how much information is left to enter for each referral
  • Electronic referral form targets certified hospice referral capture and requires minimal information be completed to save the referral
  • Supports interactive documentation of care conference attendees, discussions, discoveries and follow-up activities during the meeting
  • Confirms changes and updates with electronic signature capture to lock the report upon completion of the meeting
  • Collects cost information at the visit level
  • Helps the organization track patient status and events that occur between shifts via a call report