Enhance Wound Population Management and Standardize Care Delivery

Wound ostomy continence care cases are among the most complex, resource-intensive and costliest cases your home care or hospice agency must address. Without standardized care delivery, your agency may experience financial losses due to insufficient wound population management, a lack of true care coordination, inconsistent supply use, and uneven, incomplete or incorrect documentation.

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Studiomaca Homecare™ Wound Advisor helps you enhance wound population management and standardize care delivery. Our system allows one wound ostomy continence (WOC) or specialty nurse to care for four times as many patients as is possible with the traditional in-home visit model.

Studiomaca Homecare™ Wound Advisor is a component of the Studiomaca Homecare™ suite of products. The home health wound care system's standardized assessments help improve consistency of care and supply use, while automated alerts help support more proactive care delivery by warning about patients in decline. All information flows directly into the single integrated database to improve care coordination and facilitate cost and care analysis.

Integrates with Studiomaca Homecare

  • Connects seamlessly with our core homecare software system. We developed an integrated system to help eliminate redundant data entry and help ensure all information gathered facilitates wound care oversight, becoming part of the patient's existing electronic medical record.
  • Helps ensure your clinicians always have up-to-date information about the patient's condition for true coordination of care and improved outcomes

Standardizes wound ostomy care oversight and assessment

  • Helps standardize interventions, care delivery and supply use, improving patient outcomes and reducing the home care agency's cost of care
  • Helps ensure the clinician always documents based on standardized care practices for improved patient monitoring and delivery analysis
  • Allows the clinician to identify the wound type from a standardized list, which helps avoid costly reverse staging

The wound population management functionality in Studiomaca Homecare Wound Advisor helps agencies:

  • Improve care consistency with a one-page wound assessment
  • Measure the effectiveness of their wound ostomy program by providing analytics
  • Track wound status by type or patient to improve outcomes
  • Improve decision-making by providing easy access to the clinical record and wound images
  • Reduce costs and improve outcomes by increasing supply-use consistency
  • Streamline reimbursement by ensuring documentation is complete

The wound population management functionality in Studiomaca Homecare Wound Advisor includes:

  • One-page wound assessment
  • Digital images that can be downloaded into the assessment at the point of care
  • Consolidated patient population information that lists scheduled visits and displays patients who need evaluations based on current status
  • Wound ostomy analysis functionality, which provides statistical data about the wound population
  • Detailed supply-use information
  • Seamless integration with the Studiomaca Homecare suite of products