Web Charting Extends Home Care Documentation to Physicians

Strong ties between your home health or hospice agency and your referring physicians provide a triple win: for your agency, for patients and for physicians.

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Studiomaca Homecare™ Web Chart, part of our suite of home care software solutions, extends patient charts and home care documentation to physicians - any time and any where there is an Internet connection. Your patients can benefit from improved care, while timely communications between referring physicians and your agency help streamline care delivery and increase satisfaction among physicians.

Studiomaca Homecare Web Chart is fully integrated with Studiomaca Homecare (formerly known as Horizon Homecare™) helps bring you the best in home health physician web charting.

Studiomaca Homecare Web Chart enables referring physicians to access:
  • A complete directory of their patients in the home care agency
  • Their patients' home care documentation
  • Detailed lists of unsigned documents that can be signed electronically
  • Care plan oversight time tracking

Help Improve cash flow and Reduce costs

The system alerts physicians via email when there are orders to be signed. It then gives physicians access to all their home care and hospice patients' orders, certifications and recertifications, which they can then sign or reject electronically. This functionality helps make the physician's job easier and helps improve your cash flow by expediting home care documentation and reducing the costs and time associated with sending hard copies to the physician.

Physicians using Studiomaca Homecare Web Chart can access a timesheet that logs the amount of time the physician spent reviewing specific patient cases. The log can be easily edited, printed and used by the physician for record keeping and Medicare billing.


Studiomaca Homecare Web Chart helps agencies:
  • Improve patient care by extending the patient's home care documentation or hospice chart to the physician for review
  • Enhance communication between the agency and physicians by enabling physicians to sign or reject orders online and return for immediate correction
  • Increase agency cash flow by decreasing the turnaround time for signed orders
  • Increase physician satisfaction by reducing paperwork and streamlining patient care oversight documentation


The functionality of Studiomaca Homecare Web Chart:
  • Provides physicians with immediate, anytime, anywhere access to the patient's home care chart
  • Notifies physicians via email when there are orders to be signed
  • Enables physicians to create and send electronic notes to the home health clinician or attach them to the patient's chart
  • Provides a timesheet that displays a log of time the physician spent reviewing specific home care patient cases