Mobile Home Health Documentation Keeps your Field Staff up to Date on the Latest Patient Information from Anywhere

Home healthcare has become increasingly important across the care spectrum, with sicker patients being discharged home. You must provide your field staff with the latest information about patients so they can deliver the highest quality care possible. At the same time, you need to keep a close watch on travel expenses and be able to communicate schedule changes with your field staff efficiently and effectively.

Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare™ uses iPhone® smart phones to deliver schedules, directions and electronic medical records directly to field staff.

Part of our suite of home care software and mobile home care delivery solutions, the Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare solution simplifies routing and mileage documentation. The system displays precise turn-by-turn directions to each stop planned for the day. By using GPS mapping, it eases home care scheduling by displaying the last known location of field staff. This enables your agency to accommodate new visits more efficiently and reduce calls to the scheduler.

We developed the home health documentation system to give professional field staff and paraprofessionals an accurate view of their daily schedule and summary of their mileage and time. Using our mobile home care solutions, with home care scheduling management functionality and a map view of all visits, field staff can arrange their non-timed visits to reduce drive time and accommodate patient schedules.

Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare helps provide instant access to patients' electronic medical records, including diagnosis, demographics, emergency information, details about environmental concerns and DNR information. The system also helps provide functionality specific to your professional and paraprofessional staff members.

For Professionals

Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare mobile home care solution supports the unique needs of your professional field staff, including clinicians, clergy and therapists. The system allows professionals to arrange non-timed visits to meet the needs of the patient and improve efficiency. It facilitates clear communication of delegated tasks to paraprofessionals, offering peace of mind and security to the professionals responsible. With important information and one-click access to family, physician or pharmacy phone numbers, our system enables professionals to quickly confirm patient or prescription status. The system even allows the clinician to add non-visit-related stops, including lab drops and team meetings, for more accurate mileage documentation.

For Paraprofessionals

Current regulatory requirements and financial pressure demands accurate home health documentation by every member of the care team, including paraprofessionals. Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare mobile home care solution gives paraprofessionals - aides, LPNs/LVNs, PTAs, COTAs and volunteers -- the ability to easily document against an ongoing, simple and task-based care plan. This home health documentation flows directly to the patient's existing electronic record, triggering alerts about uncompleted procedures and information about compliance with the care plan for improved coordination of care. It allows paraprofessional staff to document non-visit-related stops such as breaks, for more accurate time tracking. By automatically sending all of this information to the core system, Studiomaca Homecare, it improves communication, eliminates the need to produce and enter paper-based schedule information and reduces office visits for your paraprofessional staff.

For Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare: Checkpoint™ is an application for iPhone® smartphones that helps home health and hospice organizations maintain compliance with EVV standards for paraprofessionals and professional discipline users. Each visit begins with your employee selecting the applicable patient from today’s scheduled visits and clicking a single button to verify the visit. Checkpoint helps you easily verify compliance for completed patient visits and reduce potential fraud. Your office staff can view the last known location of each field employee from their desktops to verify location and help ensure their safety.

Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare mobile homecare solutions offer you:

  • Extensive integration with the care plan into the electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Integration with Studiomaca Homecare™ scheduling functionality
  • Single point of support and maintenance
  • Compatibility with ongoing releases of Studiomaca Homecare software without additional customization


Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare helps the agency:
  • Provide staff easy-to-view schedules for the day and week
  • Help ensure no visits are missed by providing real-time notification of schedule changes to field staff
  • Reduce staff mileage with accurate directions to each visit
  • Eliminate the need to manually log, track and verify mileage
  • Enhance care coordination by allowing paraprofessionals to document to the existing task-based care plan
  • Reduce instances of survey deficiencies caused by discrepancies between the care plan and services the aide delivers
  • Improve staff safety with accurate directions and advance notice of environmental concerns


The smartphone technology in Studiomaca Homecare MobileCare:
  • Provides extensive patient information, including DNR documentation, allergies and patient's physician
  • Alerts field staff in real-time of schedule changes
  • Reduces staff mileage with accurate turn-by-turn directions to each visit or stop
  • Automates staff tracking and late-arrival alerts
  • Provides real-time updates of completed visit home health documentation, including vital signs, based on the task-based care plan
  • Provides broadcast messaging functionality