Help improve outcome measurement and care standardization

Tracking every aspect of care is essential to survival in today’s healthcare environment. Compliance with government regulations and new payment models, such as value based care, make it imperative that organizations provide high-quality patient care and education — along with complete documentation of those activities.

Studiomaca Homecare™ can help streamline workflow, standardize clinical processes and improve coordination of care by providing home health clinicians and office staff access to the information they need when and where they need it.

Documentation at the Point of Care

The Studiomaca Homecare system lets you match the right tool to field staff: clinicians can use touch screen laptop or tablet; home health aides can use the telephone or smartphone. All data integrates to the single patient record for easy access and review.

Studiomaca Homecare provides hyperlink-driven access in the home to real-time patient information that includes demographics, medications, interdisciplinary care documentation, service orders and patient characteristics/preferences.

Color-coded highlighting flags changes to a response between a previously completed instance of the assessment tool and the current one. Clinical decision support is provided utilizing a quick snapshot of the overall trend of previous responses for questions and items on the assessment. This trend analysis functionality enables home care clinicians to review a table or graph of a patient’s health trends – positive or negative – related to selected observations for a specified time frame.

Studiomaca Homecare offers a choice of interdisciplinary clinical knowledge bases. The clinician may update documentation directly from the guidelines screen while maintaining the integrity of the original documentation. For Medicare and other prospective payment model payers, completion of OASIS documentation triggers the system to assign the appropriate Home Health Resource Group (HHRG) code in preparation for billing. Activities and orders are linked to document tracking, scheduling, reimbursement and the payroll utility.

Online Access to Comprehensive Information

Studiomaca Homecare gives clinicians access to patient service orders and medications, prompting the user to create a verbal order when a medication or order is changed or added. Because the system is completely integrated, physicians’ orders are sent to the plan of care.

An easy to use medication profile supports medication reconciliation by providing interaction checking for drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy and duplicate drug therapy.

Electronic patient signature functionality helps improve compliance, ensure visits are completed on time and support a fully electronic patient health record.

The system offers an auto-calculation feature that sums assessment responses to the validated clinical reference tools, such as the Braden Scale, fall risk, nutrition or any other scale defined by your agency. Clinicians can run the calculation at the point of care for immediate risk assessment while still in the home.

The Guideline Analysis Report helps you monitor the effectiveness of guidelines within the patient population or disease process and helps your agency monitor individual personnel compliance for more targeted education. Patient education information and a users’ manual in the field helps support standardization of care and ensure quality outcomes.


The clinical functionality in Studiomaca Homecare helps organizations:

  • Manage regulatory compliance
  • Attain patient safety goals
  • Increase efficiency by combining documentation steps
  • Improve outcome measurement
  • Provide accuracy and consistency in clinical documentation
  • Enhance understanding of the effectiveness of clinical interventions for more cost-effective care delivery


The clinical functionality in Studiomaca Homecare includes:

  • Role-based homepage that displays alerts and visual cues for work in progress
  • Extensive system of customizable alerts
  • Auto-calculation of assessment responses to clinical reference tools
  • Advanced clinical analysis capabilities