A sound and efficient home healthcare software supply management program that standardizes the use of care supplies, controls costs, eliminates redundant processes and streamlines the billing cycle is a vital part of an effective system. Studiomaca Homecare™ Supply Link, an integrated component of Studiomaca Hospice and Studiomaca Homecare software, equips agencies with an online medical supply ordering, tracking and reporting solution that addresses these needs.

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Studiomaca Homecare Supply Link integrates Studiomaca Homecare™, Studiomaca's comprehensive clinical and financial home health software, with Supply Management Online, Studiomaca Medical Surgical's supply solution. Using Studiomaca Homecare Supply Link, an agency can streamline the supply ordering process, improve workflow, control costs and perform vital cost tracking and reporting tasks.


Studiomaca Supply Link helps agencies:

  • Streamline the order process
  • Improve workflow
  • Control costs
  • Improve cost tracking and reporting


Studiomaca Supply Link includes:

  • Flexible ordering process and allows shipping of supplies to the office or directly to the patient's home
  • Posts supply order charges automatically
  • Ability to communicate electronically with home healthcare software
  • Supply order templates that can be customized by location and patient