Automate and Improve Home Health Mileage Reporting

The cost of mileage is most likely one of your agency's largest expenses. Mileage costs are often inflated by inefficient driving routes, rounding errors or erroneous reporting. Improving calculation efficiencies with mileage tracking software can significantly and immediately improve your agency's bottom line.

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Studiomaca Homecare™ Mileage Advisor helps automate and improve the accuracy of mileage calculation and reporting by providing directions based on the shortest route. Our home health software solution calculates mileage based on your agency's processes and policies, reporting total mileage based on the visits performed.

Share data across platforms

As an integrated component of Studiomaca Homecare™ software and Studiomaca Hospice™ software, mileage calculation data collected by Studiomaca Homecare™ Mileage Advisor is distributed throughout your home care agency system. This mileage tracking software helps eliminate manual searches and data entry to enhance the accuracy of reporting and management. The system's functionality is available through a web service on Studiomaca-hosted servers, helps reduce the need for additional hardware and on-site maintenance costs.


Studiomaca Homecare Mileage Advisor mileage tracking software helps agencies:
  • Improve the accuracy of mileage calculation while reducing agency expenses
  • Enhance field staff efficiency by eliminating the need to track and enter visit-to-visit mileage records
  • Eliminate/Reduce manual administration to verify mileage
  • Document mileage directly to the visit for improved reporting and tracking
  • Integrate with Payroll for enhanced agency workflow
  • Reduce need for additional hardware or on-site maintenance


Studiomaca Homecare includes:
  • Integration with Studiomaca Homecare and Studiomaca Hospice (formerly Horizon Homecare™ and Horizon Hospice™)
  • Patient address validation
  • Accurate directions to the home using the shortest route
  • Mileage calculation based on agency processes and policies
  • Reports for thorough mileage auditing and analysis
  • Functionality through a web service on Studiomaca-hosted servers