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Business Intelligence Solutions are analytics solutions for home health and hospice agencies that want to focus on financial performance and patient improvement, providing the information needed to lead the market in outcomes.

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Strategic Decisions and Planning


Identify business trends and leverage data for strategic decision-making.


Utilize predictive tools to estimate the impact of regulatory changes.


Improve financial analysis by providing information about profitability by a variety of measures.


Provide reporting that meets the needs of payors and partners.


Identify opportunities for improvement and target efforts in your progress to achieve a 5-star rating.


Differentiate to referral partners by translating data into marketable outcomes.

Demonstrate and Maintain Your Market Leadership


Demonstrate clinical excellence

  • Presentation-ready reports let you illustrate your agency’s success minimizing your rate of hospital re-admission and ER use.
  • Colorful graphics Illustrate how you’re helping to maximize patient improvement by delivering the correct amount of therapy visits to the right patients.
  • Powerful grouping, filtering, and drill-down capabilities help you to identify high-performing teams and replicate winning strategies.

Track and trend to pinpoint opportunities and improve care

  • Identify operational problems that might jeopardize clinicians’ ability to demonstrate patient improvement, such as inaccurately reporting a beginning low-case mix weight.
  • Hospital re-admission, emergent care dashboards, and HIS quality measures help senior managers and administrators review agency trends regarding how well clinical staff are performing and identify opportunities to improve performance.
  • ADL/IADL trends demonstrate the effectiveness of therapy, while wound measurements facilitate responsive protocols.
  • Analyze detailed statistics about patient progress and ability to provide hospice patient comfort through symptom management to gauge the effectiveness of your clinical programs and identify the need for education.

Leverage the power of the tools across the business

  • Responsive user interface is available via any modern browser on any web-enabled device enabling sharing of insightful findings across the organizations.
  • Comprehensive clinical dashboards turn data into actionable information for management.
  • User-friendly interface and analytic tools allow each area of the business to focus on and identify information they can use.

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