Analyze Your Home Health Data

In order for your agency to maximize revenue and profits, you must be able to analyze key data. Studiomaca Homecare™ Insight is a home health care software support tool designed to help you and your executive team understand important cost and utilization trends as related to the Prospective Payment System and the Medicare patient population. The home health agency data analysis solution provides average and actual cost, margin, and utilization information from a variety of perspectives including physician, diagnosis, Home Health Resource Group (HHRG), case mix weight and case manager.

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Studiomaca Homecare Insight provides a list of pre-defined views, so you can start using the product as soon as it is installed. You also can define and save your own views to meet the unique information needs of your agency.

Easy to install, use

Because Studiomaca Homecare Insight is designed to work exclusively with Studiomaca Homecare home health software (formerly Horizon Homecare™), implementation is simple and straightforward. It needs no separate configuration or complicated data mapping that is often required by third-party financial analysis tools. Our exclusive design helps reduce the initial cost of implementation and eliminate the complexities associated with maintaining reference information in two disparate systems.


Studiomaca Homecare Insight helps with home health agency data analysis in many ways:
  • Use data from Studiomaca Homecare to help your agency examine overall financial performance (for example, unbilled claims, cost and margin trends)
  • Evaluate the efficiency of existing processes (for example, preventing therapy down codes and avoiding costly Low Utilization Payment Adjustments episodes)
  • Improve financial analysis by providing information about profitability by diagnosis, case management, case mix and primary physician
  • Review trends in supply costs by case management, organization, primary physician and HHRG for more efficient supply management
  • Measure the financial impact of clinical outcome improvement initiatives
  • Analyze the effectiveness of selected pathways or guidelines to enhance quality improvement efforts


  • Adverse event statistics based on any criteria from Studiomaca Homecare home health care software
  • Outcomes analysis for telehealth patients
  • Status for each of the 41 quality indicators from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Case mix information at any point in time, so you get an accurate, timely snapshot of your agency