Improving Performance, Optimizing Investments

Many healthcare IT infrastructures are rigid and complex, diverting upwards to 66% of the IT budget to basic operations, maintenance and support. As a result, organizations, especially in healthcare, cannot easily adopt innovative technology or fully realize the anticipated benefits from their infrastructure investments. Providers everywhere are seeking greater flexibility and agility to help maximize performance and drive healthier outcomes.

Typical infrastructure challenges include: 
  • Optimizing resources, reducing costs and providing better services
  • Developing the right infrastructure strategy to meet evolving business needs
  • Taking advantage of on premises, cloud and hybrid computing
  • Delivering more reliable services with modernized infrastructure services
  • Addressing resource and expertise constraints
  • Meeting security and regulatory requirements for information management

The Value of Dynamic IT

Studiomaca strives to unlock powerful capabilities by helping transform your infrastructure into a more flexible, adaptive and modern platform that meets today's challenges and tomorrow's evolving needs. With our wide range of infrastructure advisory, implementation, management and support services, we help you deliver more dynamic and cost-effective services for on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid operating environments.

Studiomaca can help your organization realize the benefits of a dynamic approach to healthcare infrastructure services, including: 
  • Impact Speed of Innovation: Adopting new, innovative capabilities and services in a fraction of the time compared to traditional approaches
  • Greater Agility: Improving responsiveness with state-of-the-art infrastructure and recommended practices for IT service delivery
  • Stronger Financial Management: Significantly reducing upfront capital outlays by converting traditional capital investments to predictable ongoing expenses
  • Enhanced Expertise: Maximize infrastructure investments with Studiomaca-certified, industry-leading resources