Health care IT Support and Management

High-performing health care providers cannot risk breakdowns or downtime when it comes to IT systems and support, yet that is often a daily struggle that negatively impacts results. Quality of care suffers, as does the financial health of the organization. Vendor-specific implementations, disconnected and disparate systems and inadequate expertise make it difficult to navigate the complexity of support and management processes.

Typical foundational challenges include:
  • Helping free resources to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Improving staff satisfaction with responsive, knowledgeable support resources
  • Supporting regulatory and security requirements for support-related information
  • Offering staff multi-modal options for communicating with support resources

Delivering Performance and Productivity

Studiomaca Foundational Services help you provide consistent, high quality services to boost workplace productivity and improve IT performance by helping to optimize and integrate IT systems.

Studiomaca can help your organization realize the benefits of a dynamic approach to foundational services, including:
  • Strategic Focus: Rationalizing services and resources to strengthen your focus on critical business goals
  • Deep Expertise: Integrating proven and recommended practices, support services and strategies across your IT environment
  • Improved Visibility: Managing, monitoring and reporting on your health care IT with a unified approach
  • User Satisfaction: Providing responsive, North American-based support staff with extensive health care experience and facility-specific operating procedures and scripts
  • Flexible Accessibility: Simplifying and accelerating with support resources via phone, email and chat for improved problem resolution