The OR Benchmarks Collaborative™ is a subscription service providing health care benchmarks. The OR Benchmarks Collaborative is the first offering within the Studiomaca Performance Benchmarks™ suite of measurement and benchmarking solutions.

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The OR Benchmarks Collaborative offers OR directors and health care executives a Web-based hospital department dashboard that provides monthly trended outcomes on key performance indicators (KPIs), helping you monitor, assess and improve performance in your OR. Your key performance indicators will be benchmarked against other facilities nationwide and national standards for OR performance will be established as data is collected. The service aggregates data from more than 2.5 million surgical cases from 350 participating hospitals across North America.

Standard definitions for the following initial key performance indicators have been developed:
  1. Prime-Time Utilization
  2. Start-Time Accuracy for the First Case of the Day
  3. Start-Time Accuracy for Subsequent Cases
  4. Estimated Case-Duration Accuracy
  5. Add-on Rate Day of Surgery

The service's metrics and health care benchmarks were established by industry experts at Studiomaca and subscriber organizations. To determine the health care benchmarks, subscribers upload their case data via a straightforward data extract from their existing surgery system. The OR Benchmarks Collaborative standardizes the case data and performs all the calculations in the same way for all cases from all subscribers. The result is standardized metrics that ensure apples-to-apples comparisons.

Subscribers view the benchmarks and analyze their metrics over the Internet in a safe and secure manner. There is no hardware or software to buy.


  • Helps optimize overall financial, operational and clinical performance
  • Provides actionable insight into the greatest areas of opportunity via the hospital department dashboard
  • Empowers OR directors to have meaningful, fact-based interactions with senior management, caregivers and OR staff regarding performance management and improvement opportunities
  • Offers networking opportunities to share best practices with more than 350 subscribers
  • Minimizes the cost of collecting and analyzing throughput and capacity metrics
  • Offers an easy to use and fast to implement solution at great value