Manage Hospital Capacity with Enterprise Surveillance

The industry's first enterprise surveillance system, Studiomaca Performance Visibility™ aggregates real-time information from various systems - such as clinical, ADT, environmental services and transport - and displays it on electronic whiteboards throughout hospitals.

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Caregivers can quickly identify patients with critical lab results or orders pending, and can view patient location, status and room availability. Radio frequency and ultrasound identification technology can be linked for proactive patient monitoring and bed management.

Drive Better Outcomes While Increasing Patient Volume

Studiomaca Performance Visibility has helped many organizations recognize a full return on their investment by realizing the following benefits:

  • Puts everyone involved on the same page, improving communication
  • Drives compliance with quality and safety measures, improving accountability
  • Maximizes volume by identifying bottlenecks that delay treatment and extend patient stay
  • Speeds bed turnarounds, reduces diversions and improves capacity management. Saves nursing hours by eliminating phone calls and logins

Improve Patient Experience with Real-time Alerts
The Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence™ Pay for Performance Initiative (PDF, 149 KB) help hospitals quantify the financial impact of their performance under the evolving Value-Based Purchasing legislation. Using pre-built metrics, visualization tools, predictive modeling and guided analytics, the solution helps providers to identify and correct processes that pose the greatest financial risk.

Embedded workflow icons in Studiomaca Performance Visibility provide real-time alerts around core measure and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) performance. These alerts help your management and staff address potential problems or concerns with quality and patient experience before the patient leaves the hospital.

Customer Success Stories

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