Healthcare Benchmarks: Improve Performance and Reduce Revenue Risk

When your revenues depend upon how your performance ranks against your competitors', you can't afford to wait months for benchmarking data. You need it now.

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React Quickly with Integrated Measurements

By establishing and embedding Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements into your daily workflow, you can better manage outcomes that impact pay-for-performance results. Integrating healthcare benchmarks with your own financial and clinical analytics data helps you proactively identify - and quickly correct - negative trends.

Healthcare Performance Benchmarks™ uses publicly available data from national and state sources to provide comparisons of your organization's internal performance against the performance of your peers. Comparative, severity-adjusted outcomes analysis supports continuous improvement in quality, efficiency, patient safety and satisfaction.

Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Meaningful comparative data is integrated into core clinical and financial scorecards. All metrics demonstrate a clear opportunity for improvement. Each facility can rank its performance against national healthcare benchmarks. Peer groups can be based on general criteria, such as geography or bed size, or specific recognitions or specialties.

  • Healthcare Quality Benchmarks
    These hospital-specific measures utilize patient encounter data integrated with data from the hospital's CMS vendor to drive performance improvement. Immediate data access facilitates the audit and management of publicly reported data.
  • Patient Safety Benchmarks
    Using the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) logic, these benchmarks provide an analysis of patient safety and quality measures well in advance of any public reporting.
  • Patient Satisfaction Benchmarks
    These comparative analysis benchmarks utilize the integration of patient encounter data with data from the hospital's patient satisfaction survey vendor to link patient experience to the outcome and cost of care.
  • DRG Utilization
    Daily measures of overall outcomes, LOS, cost and reimbursement provide timely, accurate data for measuring efficiency of the care delivery process.

Partnership with Total Benchmark Solution

Healthcare Performance Benchmarks™ is a partnership between Studiomaca and , LLC, one of the industry's leading benchmarking organizations. TBS provides specific, meaningful healthcare benchmarks designed to support balanced performance improvement across the enterprise.