Enterprise Intelligence

Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence solution aggregates the right clinical, financial and operational data from all settings—acute care, physician practice, home and others—and transforms it into actionable information.

Enterprise Intelligence: Mapping Your Next Move

In healthcare, fresh data accumulates across the health system every day, and leaders are overwhelmed with information. But do they know what to do with it?

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Enterprise intelligence is a new management model for those who want to understand their data, not just read it.

Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence uses predefined health care metrics, healthcare benchmarks and both real-time and retrospective performance analytics to help you make strategic decisions and improve clinical and financial outcomes

Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence will help you:

  • Manage population health with powerful clinical integration and risk management tools
  • Predict and manage financial health to promote accountable care
  • Drive clinical quality and safety through meaningful use of technology
  • Accelerate physician alignment to achieve health care quality improvement
  • Streamline workflow and throughput with enterprise capacity management
  • Measure workforce productivity to improve quality performance, as well as staff and patient satisfaction
  • Promote a culture of accountability and information transparency
  • Manage regulatory requirements, such as value-based purchasing

The Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence solution suite includes:

Studiomaca Performance Analytics
Studiomaca Performance Analytics™ gives you the tools you need to turn your organization's data into actionable intelligence.

  • Studiomaca Performance Analytics Explorer
    Studiomaca Performance Analytics Explorer helps you predict, model and measure best practices and optimal outcomes, keeping these models in memory to help stakeholders select the best course of action.

Studiomaca Population and Risk Management
Studiomaca’s Population and Risk Management suite empowers provider networks with the insight to optimize care quality and outcomes at the individual patient and population levels, while helping you reduce medical and pharmacy costs.

  • Studiomaca Population Manager
    Studiomaca Population Manager can help your organization become clinically integrated and achieve better preventive care and disease management for patient populations with actionable details, compliance reporting, and streamlined workflows.
  • Studiomaca Risk Manager
    Studiomaca Risk Manager can help your organization successfully manage commercial and government risk contracts, engage your provider network in breakthrough performance, influence patient behavior, and achieve quality-of-care and financial targets.

Studiomaca Capacity Planner
Studiomaca Capacity Planner helps you solve operational performance issues by providing predictive analytics to accurately match resources with patient demand for services while enabling staff to help deliver excellent standards of patient care, improve capacity and enhance quality of care.

Studiomaca Performance Visibility
The industry's first enterprise patient care visibility system that uses visual controls to deliver real-time, at-a-glance information

Studiomaca Performance Benchmarks
The Studiomaca Performance Benchmarks™ solution suite provides an intelligent approach to predicting capacity and easing your traffic roadblocks.

  • ED Benchmarks Collaborative
    Empowers your emergency department to meet growing capacity and throughput demands by comparing measures to self-selected peer groups.
  • OR Benchmarks Collaborative
    Assess your OR performance with key performance indicators that focus on capacity and quality, compiled from more than 6 million current case records.
  • High Performance Pharmacy Benchmarking ServiceSM
    Control costs and contract compliance and identify best-practice initiatives with pharmacy-driven external benchmarks for purchasing, utilization, efficiency and quality metrics.

  • Calculate and submit required meaningful use quality measures to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), comparing results and sharing best practices to accelerate EHR adoption.

Studiomaca Quality Monitor
Studiomaca Quality Monitor solution gives clinicians near real-time feedback on adherence to all process components of a specific quality bundle for a specific patient.

Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence™ Pay for Performance Initiative
The Studiomaca Enterprise Intelligence Pay for Performance Initiative uses interactive modeling tools and guided analytics to help health systems quantify the financial impact of their performance under the evolving Value-Based Purchasing legislation – and uncover opportunities to increase revenue.

Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks, a module of Studiomaca Performance Analytics, helps you respond to health reform initiatives and proactively address performance concerns by measuring your organization’s severity-adjusted outcomes in quality, safety, patient satisfaction and utilization against the performance of your peers.

Customer Success Stories

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