Medical Imaging Consulting Helps You Optimize Your Investment

Studiomaca Medical Imaging Consulting™ helps solve the challenges of healthcare by bridging the gap between people, process and technology. Our group of experienced diagnostic imaging consultants partner with imaging businesses to help ensure they are running optimally through the implementation of either packaged services or custom solutions. These services and solutions work to address key concerns such as productivity and workflow issues, quality and regulatory changes, as well as the change of reimbursements from volume to value based.

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We work with our customers every step of the way, from conceptualization to post-implementation, to make certain their unique needs and challenges are understood and supported. Our ultimate goal is for our diagnostic imaging consultants to assist customers in identifying and increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, all while keeping patient care top of mind.

Studiomaca Medical Imaging Consulting™ include:

Data Management Solutions

Consulting services are imaging industry leaders in Data and Database Management services. Our goal is to provide solutions that help to solve customers' clinical, regulatory or business data needs and to support their objectives whether they are complementary or independent of existing products and services. Our diagnostic imaging consultants do this by identifying, assessing and scoping a customer’s clinical data needs and creating a plan to address those needs through custom solutions. This includes Data Moves, Data Migrations, Database Merges, Data Discovery/Retrieval, and Data Image Management for Cardiology, Radiology and Oncology departments.

Clinical Improvement Solutions

The synergy between our Clinical and Technical Consultants enables Professional Services to help ensure our customers' clinical workflow is automated and optimized as well as aids in the implementation of efficient communications across the organization. Studiomaca diagnostic imaging consultants provide clinical intelligence in order to help improve operational efficiency and patient care while addressing the change to shift reimbursements from volume to value based.

Business Improvement Solutions

We work to provide Hospital Systems a strategy and plan to manage their Merger and Acquisition (M&A) lifecycle by recognizing the inherent risk and variability involved with these activities. We support the pre-acquisition planning which includes targeting and due diligence evaluations as well as benchmarking by providing Technical, Business, and Clinical Readiness Scorecards and Risk Assessment baselines. Key to our strategy is the detailed transition playbook which we develop and work from prior to, during and following the acquisition which helps to reduce the time to benefit from the M&A by demonstrating best practices within the new model.

IT Solutions

Studiomaca Consulting™ provides specific solutions for the IT Department that help deliver desired outcomes and aim to solve customer business issues or challenges that either complement or are independent of existing products and services. These may include planning, designing and integrating IT Governance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, Operational Resiliency, as well as Hosted Storage and Backup plans. Our team of clinical and technical experts can employ several different Industry methodologies including ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma and ISO to help identify and scope customer’s needs and create outcome based solutions. From there, we can acquire and provide the specialized talent and/or technology the customer requires.

Staffing Solutions

Our goal is to provide specialized staffing talent to customers to satisfy their defined need(s) for operation or project based outcomes. Our diagnostic imaging consultants have the skills to identify and scope a customer’s unique staffing requirements, whether short or long term, in order to manage costs, handle overflow work and fill resource and knowledge gaps. From there we can source, acquire, onboard and manage specialized talent to help ensure our diagnostic imaging consultants have the training and tools to perform the task, and then remove them from the project once it is complete (enabling you to eliminate the worry of lingering employee overhead costs). We take the burden of Human Resources and issue management away from our customers.