Help Drive Efficient, Predictable Workflow Processes Across the Enterprise

Healthcare trends like declining reimbursement, slow volume growth, increasing competition and consolidation are changing the business of imaging. Imaging services need to be extended to include multiple facilities owned by the same or different business entities and need to take into account operational models that include contracts with one or more radiology groups, potentially using multiple PACS. And, to demonstrate their value, radiologists are challenged to analyze and track outcomes, to implement changes based on trends and to generate metrics that show improvements.

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One way to address these challenges is through a workflow orchestration solution. A well designed and managed workflow enables organizations to adapt and evolve in response to ever-changing forces and challenges. When managed properly, a more efficient workflow can offer benefits such as

  • Improved quality of care
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Optimized reimbursement

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ is a vendor neutral, flexible workflow rules engine that consolidates interpretation and quality tasks in either single or multi- system environments. The rules engine allows each organization to use its own business rules as the basis of their workflow and helps customers enable efficient, predictable and robust processes across their enterprise. Consolidating interpretation and quality tasks within a single solution promotes visibility and communication. It lets health systems fully leverage resources and IT investments to help show value, improve quality, and decrease total cost of ownership.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ offers healthcare organizations a software solution that can help them create case prioritization and escalation rules that reflect both their departmental goals and their overall facility goals. With its flexible workflow rules engine sites can drive efficient, predictable and robust quality and interpretation workflow processes. Our solution removes manual processes and clumsy workarounds and replaces them with dynamic, intelligent assignment and re-assignment of tasks, sophisticated prioritization capabilities and integrated communication tools to ensure tasks are completed and the communication loop is closed.

Because it is highly customizable, you can streamline virtually any workflow and communication process throughout the exam lifecycle, and modify workflows when and where you need to so that your facility’s workflows are continuously improving. It gives your users an integrated cockpit with a single worklist that houses quality, interpretation and communication tasks, even if they originate in multiple facilities or multiple PACS.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence lets you:
  • Consolidate interpretation and quality tasks
  • Roll out predictable, robust processes across your organization
  • Define your own workflow rules that align with your business rules
  • Automate workflows across departments and facilities
  • Alert staff to missed steps and workflow bottlenecks
  • Collect and consolidates data from multiple systems
  • Monitor process performance to help prove quality and drive operational improvements
  • Optimize use of subspecialist resources through intelligent assignment
  • Prioritize and escalate cases with a dynamic model that helps meet your business objectives and SLAs
  • Close the loop with integrated communication tools Adjust workflow to meet emerging clinical, quality and regulatory needs
  • Eliminate interdepartmental communication barriers

Standard Workflows
  • Enterprise Interpretation
  • Critical Results
  • Follow-Up Tracking
  • Coding Discrepancies
  • Radiation Dose Management
  • Real-Time Consult
  • Peer Review
  • PQRS Management
  • Patient Thoroughput
  • ED Discrepancies Management
  • Unexpected Findings Technologist Review
  • Resident Over-Reads