OneContent™—Access Information Like Never Before

Health care organizations generate and manage enormous amounts of information every day. This information is often embedded in unstructured documents that accumulate and can stress operational workflows. Manual processes to manage this content make capturing, storing, and referencing vital information a challenge. Hospitals strive for operational innovation, but are bound by financial limitations that result in the need to handle more Information with fewer resources.

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The Health Information Management (HIM), Patient Financial Services (PFS), Materials Management (MM), Accounts Payable (AP) and Human Resources (HR) departments have documentation requirements and workflows specific to their domains. OneContent version 17.5 (PDF, 55 KB) supports business processes within those departments through the management of all digital assets and the ability to store configurable information for those assets. The information tagged to content can then be used to drive workflows that can help automate cumbersome manual processes.

Established Functionality

OneContent Patient Folder (PDF, 55 KB) and OneContent Business Folder (PDF, 44 KB) support the clinical domains including HIM and PFS. These domains have been the premier solution that provides physicians, HIM personnel and other hospital staff access to review, analyze, complete and code electronic charts. It also provides physicians with secure online access from their home, office and hospital to help further streamlining clinical and HIM workflow.

Expanding Outside HIM and PFS

In addition to the HIM and PFS domains, OneContent 17.5 introduces new domain functionality and integrations for AP, MM, and HR systems. This new functionality provides much needed efficiencies for areas of a health care organization that are traditionally very paper dependent with manual processes.

Opportunity to Consolidate

OneContent provides the first enterprise content management system designed exclusively for health care.

Content Marketplace

New Functionality

Multi-Domain Document Capture

With OneContent, multi domain capture provides augmented capture solutions to extend document scanning and content import functionality to the key non-clinical areas of the health care organization. In addition to prescriptive capture solutions tailored for the Human Resources and Accounts Payable functional areas of the health care organization, OneContent multi-domain capture leverages document recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to help capture, index, and store high volumes of paper based and other unstructured content (e-mail, file import, etc.) in an electronic format, which can then be quickly retrieved and accessed within OneContent. In addition to capturing and transforming content in an electronic format, multi-domain capture processes content through OCR and exports documents to OneContent in a text-searchable format for text and keyword search enablement.

Accounts Payable and Materials Management

Management Support

OneContent functionality has been expanded to work with existing departmental systems to support workflow and best practices for Accounts Payable and Materials Management domains within a health care organization.

This functionality will include both processes specific to the departments as well as those that are across departments to help ensure users have access to all information in a single system. The additional domains ensure that access to information is streamlined across an organization for non-clinical information traditionally stored in other disparate systems.

Harness the Power of Information Agility

One size does not fit all when it comes to hospitals. With OneContent, it can. By consolidating content management archives, documentation and access, OneContent can help your hospital strive for better business health with the right information, when you need it. Additionally, the following value-add solutions are available with OneContent:

OneContent Coding Query (PDF, 38 KB)

Establishes a formal communication process between coders and physicians that is fully integrated into OneContent. Unlike stand-alone or add-on products, queries are managed through workflow and completely audited.

OneContent Patient Folder (PDF, 55 KB) also helps drive physician adoption.

Available on Apple® devices, OneContent Mobile Deficiency Completion (PDF, 135 KB)enables physicians to access and complete patient charts at any time and from anywhere.

OneContent Mobile Media Capture (PDF, 216 KB)

Enables physicians, clinicians, and case workers to capture structured images containing anatomical location, photos and text directly into OneContent Patient Folder.

OneContent Patient Folder Analytics (PDF, 80.7 KB)

Helps break through this barrier by providing clear metrics and performance indicators based on industry best practices via actionable, real-time data and function-specific scorecards, like Joint Commission and deficiency aging.

OneContent Patient Folder Release of Information (PDF, 88.8 KB)

Whether your organization fulfills their own release of information requests or outsources the fulfillment, OneContent Patient Folder Release of Information provides clear, automated processes that support compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

Unleash the Power of OneContent

Across your organization, your top goal is patient care and creating a sustainable information technology strategy. It’s possible with OneContent. This solution helps optimize your medical records document completion and archival process. It provides the same proven capabilities to the remainder of your organization, all in a single solution that helps simplify administrative overhead, consolidate hardware and helps reduce total cost of ownership.