As much as 45% of a hospital's total operating expenses are for supplies, drugs, and consumables.

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Studiomaca Supply Chain Solutions™ help your organization effectively manage supply selection and processes throughout the hospital supply chain by streamlining workflow, enabling tighter inventory management, and providing an enterprise-wide view of your total supply spend.

By delivering targeted operational efficiencies to generate savings that impact margin improvement, hospital supply chain management from Studiomaca drive strategic decision-making. Studiomaca Supply Chain Solutions - which include Studiomaca Strategic Supply Sourcing™Studiomaca Point of Use Supply™, Studiomaca Supply Chain Management™ and new Studiomaca Healthcare Warehouse Management™ - provides a comprehensive, end-to-end offering that drives strategic supply sourcing and operational savings to create solid financial performance.

Although Studiomaca Supply Chain Solutions can work independently with any MMIS, the power of their integration fully complements the Studiomaca Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of products. Designed specifically for the healthcare and hospital supply chain enterprise, the suite offers hire-to-retire human capital management, comprehensive fiscal management, and supply chain solutions and analytics.

With Studiomaca Supply Chain Solutions, you can expect:

Better Business Health

Margin improvement can be achieved by increasing contract compliance, reducing supply labor management, and improving supply utilization and standardization.

Better Patient Health

Driving patient-centric supply usage from the operating room to the nursing units improves patient safety and improves overall capacity.

Better Connectivity

Extensive integration enhances workflow across the entire patient and financial experience, from supply sourcing through patient and vendor billing.


  • Captures, integrates and normalizes your total supply spend data in a single location
  • Reduces supply spend, improves charge capture and reduces staff time
  • Improves resource management analysis and decision-making