Radiology Solutions

Radiology Solutions is the complete portfolio of diagnostic imaging solutions for hospitals and clinics that want to acquire, distribute, and archive medical images and diagnostic reports across the enterprise.

Comprehensive Radiology Solution for the Enterprise

Our web-based solution provides high-resolution image display, workflow-efficiency, and system-integration capabilities with natively embedded advanced tools to help radiologists maximize efficiency and expedite patient care.


Imaging Viewing and Reporting

Designed for clinicians, with reliability and ease of use in mind, our radiology viewing and reading platform includes advanced and robust tools for diagnostics such as mammography built into the reading environment.


Studiomaca Radiology™ Collaboration

A native communications application that helps mitigate radiologist interruptions, manage communications between radiologists and physicians, and resolve common workflow challenges.

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Studiomaca Radiology Mammography Plus™

A single platform for both radiology PACS and mammography reading that gives users web-enabled access from any workstation to multimodality breast imaging, including digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).

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Studiomaca Radiology™

Studiomaca Radiology™ leverages our web-based platform to provide the ultimate PACS experience while keeping overall costs down and includes a client application version with the capabilities you’ve come to expect.

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Enterprise Productivity Products

Our radiology and enterprise productivity solutions scale from the department to the enterprise and allow you to measure real results and enable date-driven business decisions.


Change Healthcare Imaging Analytics for Radiology

A cloud-based analytics solution that helps radiology directors and imaging administrators interactively visualize and explore operational metrics, while discovering critical business improvement opportunities.

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Studiomaca Radiology™ Clinical Reference Viewer

A powerful and easy-to-use single viewing solution that provides radiologists and clinicians access to all images within our Radiology Solution, helping to address the mobile-workflow requirements of your imaging team.

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Conserus Workflow Intelligence™

Workflow Intelligence is a vendor neutral, flexible workflow rules engine that consolidates interpretation and quality tasks in either single or multi- system environments to promote visibility and communication.

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Change Healthcare Study Share

Change Healthcare Study Share is an educational software solution for medical imaging specialists who want to efficiently organize and share images, teaching files, and reference case information for training and conferencing.

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