Medical Imaging Solutions Built for Reliability, Stability and Scalability

Studiomaca Radiology™ picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is built on an architecture that helps ensure stability, performance and scalability of healthcare providers' mission critical infrastructure. By matching deployment models based on network characteristics, geographic distribution of facilities and radiologist reading workflow, Studiomaca Radiology helps optimize the infrastructure performance to specific environments while still providing a cost-effective solution—whether studies are acquired elsewhere, are large and complex, retrieved from another DICOM system, or travel between facilities on low bandwidth networks.

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Studiomaca provides turn-key medical imaging solutions, including the servers and software for single source provider, and supports deployment on VMware, to leverage your existing virtualization strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery options include: data center failover, online replication, archive replication and fault tolerant system design. These options cover every component of PACS so hospitals are able to fully, and quickly, recover complete system operations in the event of a data center failure.

High Availability

Studiomaca Radiology is built to protect the system operations against database failure with an automatic failover of the database server, which dramatically increases system reliability and immediate data redundancy.

Business Continuance

In the event that a database does go down, activities and programs are designed to return to an acceptable condition, providing data protection, resilience, continued system operation and complete access to all medical imaging data.

Hosted Storage powered by Iron Mountain

What would happen if your data center was not available due to a flood, earthquake or electrical fire? How quickly could you recover and be back to "business as normal"? Studiomaca's Hosted Storage solution, powered by Iron Mountain, offers a fully managed service model that provides disaster recovery with archiving in a single solution and helps you:

  • Shift the cost and management of image archiving to an operating expense where the hardware and infrastructure footprint is reduced to a secure offsite location
  • Eliminate any ramp-up cost and hardware capital purchases associated with automated offsite backup and archival
  • Pay for what you use, when you use it (transparent pricing model 100% utilization. No special licensing.)
  • Eliminate capital purchase expenses for new storage, on-going administration costs, and hardware obsolescence