Meeting Enterprise Business Goals with an Integrated HR and Payroll System

In today's competitive healthcare environment, you need the right healthcare human resource management tools to help manage workforce planning, improve labor costs, enhance staff satisfaction, and meet regulatory requirements for tracking and reporting results. Studiomaca Human Capital Management™ solution is an integrated, modular human resource information system (HRIS) and payroll solution that supports your organization's business goals by automating your workforce functions through the complete "hire to retire" cycle and fostering collaboration across departments.

Ideally suited to improve operating costs for medium to large hospitals, Studiomaca Human Capital Management™ solution addresses the unique and complex functions of healthcare human resources (HR) and payroll with an automated system that integrates workflows and streamlines routine processes.

  • Centralizes financial reporting and allows multi-entry form users
  • Reports and posts labor costs at different levels of the organization
  • Manages complex payroll calculations and enables position control
  • Extends HR participation to managers and employees through self-service access
  • Streamlines business practices to make it easier to interview, hire, enroll and support your employees
  • The modular system design eliminates third-party costs and maintenance of bolt-on solutions
  • Working with other Studiomaca workforce management products, the human capital management solution leverages labor information to meet regulatory requirements and foster performance improvements
  • Your web site becomes an active portal allowing easier access to needed information for employees and managers

Comprehensive, Integrated Health Care Human Capital Management Solutions

Studiomaca Human Capital Management™ modules eliminate third-party costs with integrated business solutions that support open enrollment, employee health management, and labor and employee relations.

  • Foundation: Establishes the organizational structure, maintains personnel records and supports report preparation
  • Payroll: Handles all types of employees and pay frequencies
  • Self-Service: Gives employees access to your website to update their personnel files and view their training records and wage histories
  • Workflow: Automates workflows for given business procedures and triggered actions, generates online alerts, messages and reports
  • Benefits Administration: Enables organizations to define plan coverage and rate data for a wide range of benefit plan types, provides enrollment and handles coverage calculations
  • Attendance Tracking: Maintains detailed and summary attendance history, and tracks and reports all types of leaves and vacations
  • Salary Administration: Performs mass updates of salaries and wages
  • Position Control: Tracks authorized headcount (FTE), over-filled and under-filled positions, and enables users to manage contract employees

Additional functionality includes forecasting and costing, recruiting, training and development, labor relations, safety and health, analytics and a variety of scheduling functions.

Our Customers Speak:

"Our solution support process improvements and helps HR to be more strategic - organizations can't continue to pay HR to just do data entry. Our new hire process reduced by 66% from 45 to less than 15 minutes. Our transfer process reduced by 66% from 15 to less than five minutes.

Before implementing Studiomaca our managers had little information on their employees. After going live with self service our front line managers are so excited to have access to information. Typically the HR department rarely receives kudos - they're always solving problems. After rolling out self service department managers have sent numerous emails and even a couple phone calls thanking our department for enabling self service".

Hamlin Wilson
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Wellmont Health System

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