The Time and Attendance Solution that Lets You Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork

Designed exclusively for the complexity of the healthcare continuum, Studiomaca™ Time and Attendance is a labor management system that improves payroll efficiencies and minimizes the time your staff spends keeping track of hours.

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Studiomaca™ Time and Attendance can improve accuracy, increase productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance by streamlining the time entry, time approval, and accrual management processes. Timely data provides true integration between staff scheduling and payroll, showing budget versus actual dollars spent by cost center, service line, facility and enterprise.


  • Improves accuracy via automatic time collection, validation, and processing
  • Ensures compliance with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), resident 80-hour work week, and other labor statutes
  • Uses real-time data to maintain labor rule continuity between time and labor, staff scheduling, open shift management, and payroll
  • Supports proactive management decisions with cost-focused current and future data
  • Applies complex, user-defined pay rules to automate time and payroll calculations
  • Empowers staff with multiple, self-service options
  • Prevents lost hours with automatic attendance point tracking and absence monitoring


  • Integration with ANSOS One-Staff™ provides real-time data for staffing decisions.
  • Multiple methods of time collection - from biometrics to web clocks- support unit independence
  • Email reminders facilitate the timesheet routing and approval process
  • Intuitive accrual management tracks all accruals and absences for every type of time off, including vacation and sick days, floating holidays, and PTO earned and used.

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