Maximizing Capacity Requires Predictive, Real-time Actionable Information

Do you struggle to make effective use of your emergency, operations and inpatient staff and beds? Does over- or under-staffing lead to increased costs? Instead of relying on traditional staffing models, let predictive analytics accurately match your resources with patient demand—and improve your operational, financial and clinical performance.

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Get Bottom Line Improvements from Maximizing Resources

By helping you accurately forecast patient demand, Studiomaca Capacity Planner™ helps you optimize your resources, drive better decision-making and improve staff satisfaction. Working with your existing health information software to obtain real-time data, Studiomaca Capacity Planner helps match your capacity and resources with real-time patient demand.

With increasing emphasis on financial and operational excellence, as well as delivering high-quality patient care, health systems need predictive analytics to accurately match resources with patient demand while enabling staff to deliver excellent standards of patient care. Relying on traditional staffing and utilization models, many health systems are struggling to make effective use of emergency, operations and inpatient staff and beds, leading to over- or under-staffing, inefficient patient flow and increased costs.

Getting the right physicians, nursing and professional staff in place, in the right facility with the appropriate materials—all are essential to reach operational, financial and patient care goals.

Leverage Your Data

Using your existing HIS, Studiomaca Capacity Planner creates a visual dashboard to show where changes to staffing, resources or scheduling may improve your operational and financial performance. You can quickly address rapidly changing situations, adjusting your resources to maintain patient care levels and achieve the most efficient levels of utilization.

Make Your Data Actionable

By capturing clinical events such as OR bookings, ER arrivals and inpatient registrations, along with other patient demand information, Studiomaca Capacity Planner transforms your data into actionable information.

Studiomaca Capacity Planner helps you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of patient demand across the enterprise, increasing your ability to respond to change
  • Proactively forecast workloads and resources, including opening and closing beds based on demand
  • Anticipate capacity blockages using “what-if” capabilities to adjust current processes to help minimize choking points
  • Improve length of stay and discharge management, optimizing patient flow from emergency to discharge
  • Remove unnecessary costs by meeting actual patient demand based on real-time data rather than historical demand
  • Provide a healthier work environment for staff with shift planning to optimize staffing

Studiomaca Capacity Planner can enhance your operational efficiency with three key modules:

  • The Emergency module helps you align emergency and downstream bed capacities to meet emergency patient demand and anticipate the impact of inpatient admissions on patient flow.
  • The Operating module helps you optimize OR capacity management and throughput, control resources utilization, lower supply costs and maximize revenue.
  • The Regional module expands your ability to optimize patient care while managing capacity effectively across your network of hospitals.

Your Data. Our Experts. Custom Solutions that Meet Your Goals.

Our Business Advisors work with you to analyze your health system, including available facilities and your clinical and supporting workforce, to identify opportunities for improving utilization and staffing. Studiomaca Capacity Planner can help you fine-tune your operations, reduce costs and improve patient care management.