The Assignment and Workload Solution that Provides Patient-Centric Decision Support

Studiomaca's web-based Assignment and Workload Manager for ANSOS One-Staff enables your organization to use objective clinical charting data to drive staff scheduling decisions. This hospital scheduling software module uses patient acuity and workload data to accurately forecast staffing requirements for the current shift, as well as for a 24-hour projection. With this information, your nurse managers can maintain equitable workload distribution in real time, supporting quality patient care without overburdening staff.

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The module's Acuity Aggregator™ engine uses a continuous, real-time feed of charting documentation elements to aggregate criteria into patient-level assignments based on objective and actionable patient assessments. The module also helps unit managers identify workload imbalances and rapidly realign resources based on the current patient/staff mix.

Our Customers Speak

"The Assignment and Workload Manager with Acuity Aggregator has helped move staffing to a more patient-focused experience. We are reaching productivity goals while ensuring our staffing mix is tailored to fit the needs of the patient population."

Kristen Speros
Staffing Office Manager
Akron General Medical Center

"This work-driven acuity system, based on nursing documentation, provides both validity and usability — it is transparent to nursing staff and useful for resource allocation. It’s a smart approach that rewards timely documentation without burdening bedside caregivers with duplication, scoring, and calculation."

Jeff Pike
Senior Clinical Director
Akron General Medical Center

"Overall, the solution gives me a clear picture of the patient activity on my unit, and helps me prepare for staffing each shift."

Joyce Moore, MSN, RN, NE-BC
Director Nursing/Patient Services
Akron General Medical Center


  • Supports balanced workload through clinically driven staffing assignments
  • Provides patient assessments that are objective and actionable
  • Facilitates the creation of equitable scheduling through accurate staffing forecasts
  • Improves the quality of patient care with effective staffing rations and skill mix
  • Supports staff accountability through recorded patient history


  • Patient acuity and assignment system that is flexible and web-based
  • Aggregation of patient criteria via real-time charting documentation feed
  • Patient acuity assessment criteria that is customizable, unlimited, and user-defined
  • Status indicators and tracking of assigned tasks

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