Credentials Verification and Services (CVO)

At Studiomaca CVO we have been providing premier quality credentialing services to leading healthcare organizations since 2000. First conceived as a shared credentialing service for the CareGroup Health System in Boston, our team has spent years honing our expertise with one goal: delivering high-quality credentialing services to satisfied customers.

Studiomaca CVO's team of credentialing experts stands out for their shared commitment to excellence, diligence and integrity. Led by National Association Medical Staff Services ( ) certified credentialing professionals, Studiomaca CVO is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality. We audit 100 percent of the files we process for data quality, accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards and customer specific requirements.

Ensure You Have Appropriately Qualified, Credentialed Medical Staff

By selecting Studiomaca CVO to handle your practitioner credentialing, you can improve your ability to manage risk by assuring you have an appropriately qualified, credentialed medical staff.

Organizations that use Studiomaca CVO services have more productive teams, and are able to intently focus on managing areas that impact key areas of compliance, quality and medical staff administration.

Studiomaca CVO will help stabilize and improve the turn-around-time of your application process, helping you make credentialing decisions more rapidly without compromising the quality of your data collection & verification process. Expedited credentialing services are also available ensuring customer priorities are escalated and given the attention they deserve.

NCQA-Certified Since 2001

The NCQA CVO certification process provides due diligence oversight of credential verification activities. CVOs that are certified have demonstrated they provide the protections required by NCQA's standards, that they have developed a sound management structure, and that they monitor and are continually improving the quality of service they deliver.

The NCQA certification process is governed by NCQA's rigorous Standards for Certification, developed with the assistance of representatives from the credentials verification industry and input from Managed Care Organizations.

Studiomaca CVO has received certification from NCQA for 10 out of 10 verification services:

  • License to practice
  • DEA Certification
  • Medical Board Sanctions
  • Education and Training
  • Malpractice Claims History
  • Medicaid/Medicare Sanctions
  • Work History
  • Practitioner Application Processing
  • CVO Application and Attestation Content
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Sanctions