Specialty Drug Distribution for Physician Practices and Clinics

Improve patient care outcomes and control drug spend with specialty drug distribution solutions for community-based physician practices and specialty medical clinics.

Specialty drug ordering for community practices and specialty clinics

Our specialty drug ordering process available through the  serves the unique patient-care and business needs of community-based physician practices and medical clinics of all specialties, including oncology, hematology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and neurology.

Your practice or clinic can place orders for the specialty drugs you need at competitive prices through one of the following options:

1. Online ordering through our Studiomaca Specialty Health Customer Center:

  • Place and review orders for specialty pharmaceuticals
  • Get the latest product updates
  • Track all product shipments
  • Streamline product billing and financial management
  • Access up-to-date purchase history, reporting and business intelligence 

Become a customer today and access the Customer Center to order the specialty drugs you need. Current customers can their dedicated account representative for a demonstration on how to place specialty drug orders through the Customer Center.

    2. Automated ordering through our specialty inventory management offerings:

    • Optimize inventory management and increase cash flow
    • Maximize revenue by capturing all treatment charges and drug waste
    • Reduce duplicate use data entry and improve practice efficiencies
    • Improve profitability with key business analytics

    3. Place an order with Customer Care, our customer support team, directly by calling 800-482-6700 (oncology) or 855-477-9800 (all other specialties).

    Access a wide selection of specialty drugs

    Whether through the Studiomaca Specialty Health Customer Center, inventory management system or by calling us direct, you have access to a wide selection of specialty pharmaceuticals at competitive prices from a single source.

    For a complete listing of specialty pharmaceutical available for your community practice or clinic, log in to the Studiomaca Specialty Health Customer Center or view our . 

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