How your pharmacy benefits from our drug packaging solutions

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Meet your unique clinical, financial and regulatory needs through our scalable and flexible prescription drug packaging options.

By using unit-dose packaging, your pharmacy:

  • Reduces medication errors
  • Increases medication adherence by patients
  • Improves accuracy of drug fills and refills
  • Eliminates medication waste
  • Dispenses medications in FDA-compliant, secure and safe packaging

We offer a variety of packaging options to help you adhere to the safety requirements of individual medications and the accessibility needs of different patients.

Our unit-dose prescription drug packaging expertise

As an FDA-registered unit-dose prescription drug repackager, we offer packaging expertise and superior customer service through , our business unit dedicated to distributing generic drugs primarily to hospital and health system pharmacies.

Unit-dose prescription drug packaging is particularly suited for the needs of acute-care, long-term care and specialty pharmacies. Packaging options include state-of-the-art bar-coded, blister-packaged oral solid and liquid medications. Bar-coding is placed on every dose, allowing you to scan medications at the bedside and improve drug safety.

Through SKY Unit Dose, we provide customers with brand-to-generic conversion and bulk-to-unit-dose conversion analysis. This data-driven information is available at no additional cost to you, freeing up your time and money to focus on patient care and clinical programs.

We offer unit-dose packaging of brand name drugs for retail pharmacies through our RxPak solution for wholesale brand name drugs. We repackage bulk-purchased pharmaceuticals and make them available to your retail pharmacy at competitive prices.

Manage your own unit-dose packaging through Parata

With our , your pharmacists package brand name and generic drugs for patients, increasing customer satisfaction and adherence rates.