Drive better clinical and business results with brand name drug solutions

Pharmacies of all types and sizes have access to a wide selection of brand name drugs at competitive prices through our comprehensives suite of brand name drug purchasing and distribution solutions. Our sourcing network is supported by long-standing supplier relationships with more than 500 drug manufacturers.

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To meet your patients’ brand name drug needs as well as your business needs, we provide you with:

  • A large inventory
  • Ordering accuracy
  • High fill rates
  • Drug shortage avoidance
  • A wide portfolio of products

Brand name drug ordering tools

Priority Express Rx is our auto-ship ordering tool specifically designed to support the launches of new potential blockbuster brand name drugs. Be among the first to stock new drugs, fill the first prescriptions and capture new revenue opportunities.

With Priority Express Rx, you benefit from:

  • 72-hour delivery time after the new drugs arrive at our distribution centers
  • Available discount opportunities
  • Ability to return new drugs within 90 days for a full credit

Purchase bulk repackaged drugs at discount prices

Purchasing bulk repackaged brand name drugs at competitive prices drives profitability even higher by holding down costs. With our RxPak solution, you have access to a complete selection of discount brand name drugs that have been repackaged accurately, safely and securely in compliance with all FDA guidelines. Dispense more than 25 different brand name prescription drugs to patients with RxPak.

Want the discount but don’t have time or resources to apply for manufacturer rebates? Prefer Rx, part of our Rx Purchasing Programs product launch program, helps boost your pharmacy’s profitability.

We offer off-invoice discounts on frequently prescribed brand name drugs. Upfront discounts replace long waits for rebate checks. All Health Mart pharmacy customers are enrolled in Prefer Rx.