Pharmacy automation technology that supports high-quality patient care

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Studiomaca High Volume Solutions provides pharmacy automation technology that can be customized to support the unique operational, regulatory and financial requirements of your business. A fully integrated and optimized system can help you to reduce medication dispensing errors, deliver prescriptions to patients more quickly, free up pharmacy resources to spend more time counseling patients, and achieve savings through improved operational efficiency.

If you process a significant volume of prescriptions per day, you can partner with High Volume Solutions to build or customize a centralized pharmacy prescription fulfillment (“central fill”) facility equipped with a high-speed robotic system that accurately gathers prescription orders, measures and counts medications, and packages orders for return delivery to your pharmacy or for mail-order shipment to your patients.

If you are interested in expanding your pharmacy services portfolio to include mail order and delivery of patient medications, our automated systems can assemble, verify, package and deliver patient-ready prescriptions back to the originating pharmacy or mail them directly to your patients.

If you want to improve patient medication adherence or develop clinical wellness programs that promote specialty medications, our automated systems can coordinate the processing and delivery of high-cost or special-maintenance prescriptions that you may not want to keep in stock at your store.

Optimize your financial performance

  • Work with a team of the most experienced sales, software and hardware engineers in the business to maximize revenue opportunities
  • Implement customized pharmacy automation solutions that scale with your growing business needs and objectives
  • Take advantage of volumes of scale available through central fill drug inventory to secure the lowest cost per script
  • Maximize labor efficiency through high-speed pharmacy automation and streamlined prescription processing capabilities

Increase your operational efficiency

  • Automate medication dispensing and administrative complexity with the fastest and most accurate robotic counting technology in the industry at 99.99%
  • Automate up to 95% of all countable prescriptions
  • Optimize supply chain management and reduce inventory holding costs
  • Enjoy peace of mind with that knowledge that our pharmacy automation systems operate with the highest uptime and unparalleled reliability

Improve patient care to promote healthy outcomes

  • Enhance the safety of your prescription dispensing operations with RFID, bar code and imaging technology
  • Employ efficient, high-speed automation technology to deliver medications to patients faster and to the location most convenient for them
  • Achieve greater productivity through streamlined prescription processing so that you can free up staff to provide personalized counseling and clinical services
  • Interface with other Studiomaca pharmacy technology products and services to promote patient medication adherence and free up staff to spend more time counseling patients