In this time of increasing data and security threats, you need a vendor that can give you peace of mind about the safety of your information. Studiomaca Pharmacy Systems’ Point of Sale (POS) Solution uses the latest technology to keep your data secure. Our industry-leading POS capabilities integrate with your existing workflow and help increase your productivity and profitability, freeing up your time so that you can focus on your patients.

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For retail independent and outpatient pharmacies seeking a secure, reliable Point of Sale system, our POS Solution streamlines the process for PCI and HIPAA compliance and provides a comprehensive set of management capabilities to run an efficient retail space.

EnterpriseRx and PharmacyRx Customer Checkout Experience

Point of Sale Solutions: Our cloud-based system integrates with EnterpriseRx and PharmacyRx to allow you to manage sales transactions, inventory, pricing and promotions for a single store or across multiple sites. The system also offers extensive reporting capabilities to give you valuable insight into the purchases being made at your store.

Pharmaserv Customer Checkout Experience

Pharmaserv Point of Sale: Our stand-alone module allows you to run your pharmacy and front-of-store operations in one package. The system lets your single store or small chain locations accurately and securely manage sales, inventory, pricing and promotions.

Pharmacy Delivery Service for Patient Medications

Our prescription medication delivery service allows you to track information on all of your pharmaceutical deliveries, including patient signatures, payment details, delivery status, and driver routes. With our patient medication mobile delivery service, you can:

  • Reduce the number of abandoned prescriptions to help improve pharmacy efficiency and profitability
  • Pursue new revenue opportunities by offering convenient home and bedside medication delivery to your patients
  • Maximize operational efficiency in your pharmacy by accepting prescription medication payment remotely at the point of delivery
  • Increase patient medication adherence by ensuring that patients receive their prescription drug refills in a timely manner