Ease and efficiency with a proven track record for pharmacy performance.

Pharmaserv is an intuitive, fully integrated pharmacy management system that gives you full control of your pharmacy data and scales with the growth of your business. Pharmaserv enables you to do more with existing resources and can help you expand your services to include long-term care, specialty medication dispensing, clinical programs and management and oversight of multiple stores.

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Maximize efficiency in your pharmacy through reduced costs and increased profits
  • Activate pharmacy workflow, multi-location support, point-of-sale and perpetual inventory modules to help drive efficiency and reduce costs in your pharmacy
  • Diversify into alternative services like long-term care, compounding and dispensing specialty medications to help boost revenue and profitability
  • Create your own clinical programs or integrate stand-alone programs geared toward your patients’ needs to drive healthy outcomes, improve medication adherence and increase efficiency
Increase productivity and manage your pharmacy operations with easy-to-use tools
  • Experience the recently updated user interface that clearly identifies required fields, provides intuitive icons and reorganizes buttons and fields for quicker recognition and easier readability
  • Use medication synchronization to coordinate patient prescription refills, improve payer performance metrics, drive patient medication adherence and boost pharmacy revenue
  • Enable the integrated inventory management module to maintain and update items stocked in your pharmacy so you can regularly monitor your inventory turnover
  • Use the comprehensive reporting capabilities to analyze your pharmacy data and gain valuable insights on claims, patients, prescribers and products
Enjoy peace of mind with unparalleled pharmacy system reliability and security
  • Pharmaserv is a distributed system that leverages an on-site server to keep the control of your data within the secure walls of your pharmacy
  • All modular components operate on a common database to minimize data entry and protect data integrity
  • Pharmaserv is a reliable and proven solution and the pharmacy management system chosen by more than 1,400 pharmacies