Priced right and packed with value.

PharmacyRx is a cost-effective, reliable pharmacy management system that can be installed quickly and makes processing prescriptions swift and easy. PharmacyRx is a cloud-delivered, maintenance-free solution that can support all aspects of your pharmacy with minimal staff so you can focus on increasing profits without a heavy investment in IT.

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Manage your business with an all-inclusive solution at an affordable price
  • Comprehensive base package includes advanced features such as integrated prescriber lookup, accounts receivable, long-term care, and a flexible queue management system
  • Executive dashboard gathers information into one easy-to-read overview and helps you make informed business decisions
  • Nearly unlimited custom reporting lets you export data on claims, patients, prescribers and products
Perform fast and efficient prescription processing with minimal staff
  • Enable rapid prescription filling with minimal keystrokes with Fast Fill, PreFill, and ePrescribing
  • Increase inventory turnover and reduce losses associated with out-of-date shelf items through comprehensive inventory management
  • Streamline your pharmacy processes with optional workflow functionality
Enjoy peace of mind with a reliable cloud-based system
  • Our cloud-based delivery model allows you to connect to all your pharmacy data from anywhere
  • With Studiomaca hosting your system, there’s no need to worry about IT maintenance, upgrades and backups
  • All pharmacy data is protected within Studiomaca’s fire and disaster-proof data centers with 24/7 security surveillance
Improve pharmacy performance and enhance patient care
  • Enable safety checks such as Audit Scan, Rx image capture, product images/imprints, verification and quality control reports
  • Use color-coded DUR information such as drug allergies and drug-to-drug interactions to facilitate review and sign-off of certain prescriptions
  • Promote patient medication adherence with early and late refill compliance, detailed consultation tracking and unlimited patient notes