Streamline your pharmacy operations to boost your bottom line.

EnterpriseRx is the only truly centralized, cloud-delivered pharmacy management system on the market. It streamlines your workflow, optimizes your business and centralizes your data so you can fill more prescriptions, add clinical programs and access your data from any location without increasing your staff.

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Simplify your workday with our intuitive and customizable pharmacy workflow
  • Design the easy-to-use, customizable workflow to suit your pharmacy’s current needs and scale to meet the future growth of your business
  • Manage each step of the filling process to prioritize prescriptions by patient request and provide verification for improved accuracy and patient safety
  • Create your own clinical programs or integrate stand-alone programs geared toward your patients’ needs
  • Establish automated communications between your pharmacy, physicians and patients to keep operations humming and prescriptions flowing
Increase prescription volume capacity without adding to your pharmacy staff
  • Use automated refill programs to increase prescription volume and support medication synchronization while helping patients adhere to their medication regimens
  • Integrate with Studiomaca OneStop Generics to stay compliant and decrease prescription costs for your patients
  • Increase your capacity and revenue while maintaining your current staffing levels
  • Free your staff to focus on other initiatives and maximize the efficiency of your business
Manage pharmacy resources and information centrally, in real time, for company-wide access and monitoring
  • Centralize your business and monitor what is happening at any location at any given time
  • Access patient profile information from any location, helping to create a consistent level of service and improved care for patients
  • Balance workload across multiple locations so that your pharmacies can share prescription processing duties during peak times, address staffing shortages or fill scripts at after-hours processing facilities
  • Access reports to gain insights into your business’s performance and identify opportunities to provide additional care to your patients