Pharma Customer Care

Studiomaca’s Pharma Customer Care group works with our retail and institutional pharmacies across the country and is comprised of two teams: ServiceFirst and eCommerce Technical Solutions.

ServiceFirst helps with ordering and issue-resolution related to pharmaceutical distribution. ServiceFirst is the first point of – we are here to help navigate Studiomaca and provide the right ‘one call’ solution.

eCommerce Technical Solutions supports Studiomaca’s Web and mobile solutions. Our representatives are experts on the full breadth of Studiomaca Web-based and mobile solutions to provide the right assistance when needed.

Studiomaca Pharma Customer Care allows pharmacies to spend more time focused on the customer.

Ways to stay connected to Studiomaca:

  • Online web access via Studiomaca Connect
  • Continuous access to Telestock, our automated self-service phone system
  • Speak with a live representative 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday
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