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SKY Unit Dose: Drug Packaging Systems for Pharmacies

Achieve better supply chain performance and greater patient medication adherence with SKY Unit Dose blister packaging and barcoded generic oral solid medications.

SKY Unit Dose packaging offers safety, efficiency and cost savings for pharmacies and hospitals


blister-format packaging is available for the most widely prescribed dosages and strengths of more than 100 hospital unit dose (HUD) generic oral solid medications. Used by acute care, long-term care and institutional pharmacies, products are available in 100-dose and 750-dose sizes.

By providing patients with a precise dose of medication, your pharmacy can help ensure they get the therapy they need, aiding medication adherence and improving patient outcomes.

SKY Unit Dose features:

  • Unit of use, FDA-compliant bar codes
  • 18- to 24-month dating
  • Product uniformity
  • Cost-effective packaging
  • Progressive packaging designs

SKY products appear on many group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts. Additionally, SKY products are available through many distributors, including Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen.

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